Absolute energy budgeting. Choose your HVAC wisely.

If you are around my age, you’re probably struggling in a lot of the same ways that I am. We got caught up in the college circus train, we are drowning in student debt, and the cost of living is too high to get ahead and live an independent adult life. These are difficult times, for sure. That’s why, I have been looking deeply into all forms of budgeting lately. I’ve always been pretty good with my money, but these days I’m really looking to maximize every single dollar. I’d like to pay down my debts and finally be able to purchase a home, but that means I need to maximize my savings every single day. One of the biggest expenditures in my monthly earnings is my regular energy bill. I live in a small, rather old apartment by myself, yet my energy bills are always extremely high. It doesn’t make sense that I could use so much energy, unless there is something wrong with my central heating and cooling system. I’ve therefore decided that to my indoor air temperature control plan needs to be extremely lean in order to sustain my energy budgeting. Unfortunately, the budgeting system that I’ve recently subscribed to allows absolutely zero wiggle room. When I allocate $100 for my energy bill each month, that means I will not spend a penny more. These days, I’m trying desperately to maximize my energy expenditure through my heating and cooling usage. Sadly, this stringent strategy means if I’m not careful, I go about half of the month without any working HVAC. Each day, I choose my heating and cooling settings very wisely.



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