Air conditioner service plan: an essential

Those who in live in what some are now calling the ‘heat belt’ of the country have long known how essential air conditioning is.

This is reflected in the prevalence of air conditioning in homes, businesses, government buildings and cars. The heat and humidity of the ‘heat belt’ is simply not bearable without some form of air conditioning. The challenge, however, emerges when air conditioning units are overtaxed during the hottest months of the year and begin to malfunction or breakdown. Some may simply stop working. Some may work, but produce hot, dingey air. The malfunction or breakdown of air conditioning during heat waves can be life threatening. Yet many people find themselves unprepared for such an eventuality. When their air conditioner breaks down or malfunctions, they do not have the resources to repair or replace it. This is why many HVAC technicians are advising clients to purchase an air conditioner service plan with their a/c systems. Air conditioner service plans cover all aspects of air conditioning care and maintenance and so ensure that the unit is in good working condition throughout its lifetime. Air conditioner service plans save users the money and time of an early breakdown of an a/c system. HVAC technicians also provide assurance that the air conditioner is operating efficiently, which can help users keep energy costs down (for more energy-saving tips, research HVAC tips). Finally, air conditioner service plans will typically cover the cost of a new air conditioner if the old system breaks down. Some plans will even cover the costs of labor and materials. This represents significant savings when it is remembered that some air conditioning units can reach into the thousands of dollars. For more information on how to care for your air conditioner, research HVAC tips.


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