Air fresheners are good air purification help

I know this might sound like a strange observation, or even an unusual statement.

But I am going to tell you right now from experience, that those simple air fresheners you find in the stores are actually good air purification help.

What I mean by that, is that if you have a whole home air purification system, or even one of those portable air purification systems, getting a few air fresheners helps the indoor air cleaning process work better! You do want to get the oil based air fresheners though. Those are non toxic. The other kind of air fresheners that you hang on the wall are not at all what i’m talking about. Those would smell nice, but they would not do any good for the indoor air quality. It’s actually been told that some of those air fresheners you hang on the wall can be toxic at times. With me being the clean air freak that I am, I would not touch those with a ten foot pole anyhow! But with the oil based air fresheners, the air purification system cleans the air, and then the air fresheners make it smell really nice. This all adds to the perfect air quality that now surrounds my happy home. My wife can actually breath better, and our kids, who had serious allergies, do not have them as bad thanks to both the whole home air purification system, and the oil based air fresheners. If you’re a clean air freak like me and are looking for some air purification help with your air purifier, these oil based air fresheners are a real good compliment to it!

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