Air purifier to help with dust sensitivities

I’ve never suffered with seasonal dust sensitivities, until the past Springtime.

I had some dire reactions to the grass, seeds, & blooming flowers.

My throat was closing up & our eyeah were red & watering. I had to go to the nurse, when I had trouble breathing a single afternoon. I thought I got stung by a bee, but the nurse said it was hayfever. As soon as the nurse recommended I was suffering from bad dust sensitivities, I thought she was crazy. After all, I was 26 years old & never the type of woman to suffer from dust sensitivities. It seemed unusual to have this affliction begin so swiftly. The nurse told me this can happen sporadically, though it is actually rare. The nurse commanded that I buy an air cleaner for our apartment. During the Springtime & Summer season, the air cleaner will help remove a lot of the allergens from the air. The nurse even provided me a prescription for the air cleaner, so our insurance would cover most of the cost. I went to a medical supply store to purchase a special air cleaner. Insurance covered 70% of the cost, so I only had to spend about $40. The device has a changeable air filter, so the people I was with and I can always have the freshest indoor air conditions. The air cleaner works actually well, & our dust sensitivities have been much better. My wifey thinks the whole condo odors better, so I know the air cleaner must be laboring. She doesn’t complain about our aromay socks or dirty laundry. She even spent the night last weekend.

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