Air quality is what we need to improve

One of my best friends is an HVAC contractor.

We have known each other, since we attended job corps together.

I was in the culinary arts program, and Jerry was learning about HVAC repair and installation. We used to sneak out of class together, and go out back to smoke cigarettes and drink beers. We could have gotten into a lot of trouble, but we always managed to stay hidden. Jerry and I graduated during different times of the year, but we each attended the other service. Even to this day, five years later, Jerry and I are still the best of friends. We see each other a lot during football season, because we watch all of the games. Jerry is a fan of the Buccaneers, and I am a fan of the Saints. Sometimes we really get in a heated discussion about our favorite team. Jerry and I we’re watching a game last weekend, when my restaurant manager called with a question. I’ve only owned the restaurant for a few years, and I’ve trained my staff very well. If they have a problem, it is usually significant for them to call. The air conditioner for the dining room wasn’t working at all, and guests were starting to complain about in the indoor climate. Jerry agreed to go to the restaurant with me, so we could check on the problem. Lucky for me, Jerry was totally agreeable to help with the issue. We weren’t getting any cold air flow to the dining room, even though all of the air conditioning vents were working just fine in the kitchen. Jerry fixed the air conditioner problem. In an hour, we were back in the living room watching the halftime kickoff.


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