As a Florist, the HVAC Situations are Often Key

I am a born florist. Ever since I was a child, where I started with the flowers on the grass that I would give to my mom. Back then they might have been actual weeds but I would add some colored leaves and branches and arrange everything so that it looked nice. Then I would put them in a bowl and present them to my appreciative mom. I have come a long way from weeds in bowls to now arranging the flowers for weddings, funerals, and other events. I do like going to the different sites. I would adore it even better if I was always comfortable though. Hot summer season weddings are the worst without proper a/c. It is really hard to work well if I am sweating everywhere. Then there are the flowers to consider, because without proper a/c the flowers obviously the flowers will wilt and look poor in no time whatsoever. I just dislike it when a purchaser leaves myself awful reviews because the flowers were drained of color or dead etc, because it is not my fault that the client refused to pay extra for a/c so all of their flowers die before the event is over! I don’t like wilted flowers either. It has gotten to the point where I am going to start insisting that there needs to be A/C in all of my contracts, even though we are never usually lead contractor of course. Because there is no reason that my art should suffer just because the party planner won’t spring a little bit extra for proper a/c on their job. It looks bad for my company when the flowers die and I’d be better off not taking those jobs anyway.


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