Best time for taking a nap is during a thunderstorm

When I was in kindergarten, I hate taking a nap.

I didn’t want to miss a single thing. Now that I am an adult, naps are my favorite part of any day. In my opinion, the best time to take a nap is during a raging thunderstorm. When the clouds are making loud noises and the lightning is banging outside, I sleep like a baby. My favorite time for rain is during the afternoon, when I want to take a nice, long nap. My bedroom has a skylight, and the rain sounds great beating down outside. I love being able to look up at the sky light, and see the rain falling so quickly. It’s a cool feeling to see it falling, but know that it won’t make me wet. I purchased a new air conditioner a few months ago, and my bedroom is always icy, cold now. During the summer, I use the air conditioner almost everyday. Fortunately, the spring and fall seasons are cool and comfortable. We have a lot of particular rain storms during the summer, so late afternoon naps are a must. I usually adjust the air conditioner to 68 degrees, turn on the music, and crawl into my soft bed. My favorite comforter is made of down, and it is particularly warm and soothing during an afternoon thunderstorm. Sometimes when it’s raining in the morning, I stay home in bed all day. I work from home most days, so I can get away with spending all day in bed. Most of my friends are always jealous, because they still have to leave the house when the weather is inclement.


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