Decided to keep the honey bees to start a honey farm

Instead, I told him that I wanted him to help me set up a honey farm with them

My wife and I have been working a farm for so many years. It wasn’t until recently though when we started noticing a bunch of bees around our barn. I wasn’t sure what kind of bees they were, but I was thinking that they might be honey bees. My wife was saying that we should hire a bee removal service and have the bees relocated, but I was thinking about the business opportunity. I always love getting fresh local honey at various locations and I always thought it would be great to have my own honey farm. When I got to talking to my wife about this, she agreed that the local honey was great. Also honey has so many medicinal qualities that are fantastic. It’s great for allergies when you get local honey, and it’s also great for so many other things other than just enjoying how good it is. So I decided to call up a buddy of mine who happened to be a beekeeper. When he checked out the bee nest, he confirmed that they were honey bees and he said he would be happy to take them off our hands. Instead, I told him that I wanted him to help me set up a honey farm with them. His eyes lit up and he said he was happy to help me out. So we worked on setting up the honey farm and now I have a few colonies of these honey bees working their magic and producing high quality honey! My wife and I have been entirely pleased with the rate of their honey production and we started selling honey on top of our other produce from the farm. It was a great idea to keep those honey bees and start a honey farm.