Diabetes makes life as an HVAC tech harder

I recently found out that I have diabetes and I’m unhappy with the news. Since I am only 33 years old, I really have to take care of myself better. The medical professional said that I should watch what I eat and do my best to exercise officially. I joined a gym and I have a respected fitness routine these days. I try to eat healthy, but it is often a chore. I rarely have time to hang out and eat supper. As a tied up heating and cooling business, I am always on the go for work. I am always moving from one job to another. Some mornings I might actually drive around to three or four different sites in as many hours. Occasionally I will not eat until the day is over. It often depends on our schedule for the day. I came back to the house after a few mornings and our blood sugar was terribly out of whack all of a sudden. My boyfriend told myself and others that I cannot keep missing meals. Since I never understand where I will be before I arrive, our boyfriend decided to start packing a supper kit every day. I currently have a few unusual protein filled snacks in my pocket each day savor granola bars, fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and peanut crackers. Ever since I started taking snacks to eat in the day, our blood sugar levels have been better and I’ve been the best air quality control technician I can be.

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