Don’t Forget, Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning Too

I try to avoid the attic and the basement at all costs.

The reasons for doing limiting my access to both areas is just stupid.

The attic is just the worst. I hate all the fiberglass insulation. It is also always way too hot or freezing cold up there. The basement situation is even dumber. I simply don’t like unfinished basements. They are dank places where I am always on alert for weird critters lurking off somewhere. Plus, there are hulking HVAC components down there that give me the creeps. The last time I was in the attic, I was there to retrieve some boxes I had hoped to find some of my children’s hand made treasures. I wanted to move them downstairs to a plastic storage bin. As I was searching, I noticed the air ducts. It suddenly dawned on me that I never actually think about the air ducts. We have been in this house for nearly 2 decades but I can’t ever remember having the air ducts inspected or cleaned. I took a look on the internet to see if that was even a thing. In fact, an enormous amount of HVAC treated air is lost through gaps and leaks in the duct system. So, I called up the HVAC company who does the service on our heating and cooling system. They kindly hooked me up with an appointment to have their sister company come out. They will clean all of the duct system while also sealing all the gaps throughout the system. I should experience better air and a bit of a utility savings I hope.

Cooling technician