Ductless HVAC Saves the Day for First Time Homeowner

So, owning a home is a bit tougher than I had expected.

I thought it would be much like renting except that I would have to take care of the yard.

Plus, my money would actually be going to growing some equity instead of lining someone else’s pockets. But, wow I sure learned different in a hurry. Not only did I buy a house but, I bought it knowing full well that I would have to renovate it. Those days of coming home from work, putting up my feet in the HVAC comfort of my apartment are over. Now, I get home from work to more work. I thought I could do most of the renovation work myself and, for the most part, I can. However, it is taking far longer with way more complications. I had hoped that the HVAC system would hang on another year so I could take care of all the other stuff first. That hope went up in flames. The HVAC just died and we are getting ready to slide into summer. Summer, around here, is rough. The heat stays near a hundred degrees for like four months in a row. I knew I had to act fast but, I was also aware that the HVAC system was so antiquated that I would have to replace the whole thing, ducts and all. That would throw a huge wrench into my renovation budget. However, the HVAC guys saved me. They suggested using 3 ductless HVAC units and forget about central air. Not only am I super pleased with the results. The installation took less than a day.

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