Ductwork sealing appointment was more advanced than I thought

When I got my air ducts sealed it was surprising to me how they did it.

  • I pictured ductwork sealing as an HVAC contractor opening up my air vents and almost painting the holes in it shut.

A leak or crack in the ductwork is hard to get to though. A crack along the seam is difficult to access deep in the ductwork system. A hole can be almost microscopic but cause high energy bills. So how the HVAC contractors access it is by sealing the whole duct. What they do is close up the air vents and only access the ductwork through one point. They then shoot high pressurized air with sealant particles. The particles with sealant whip around the air ducts and form along the edges. This takes care of any seam or hole issues. It is said that they can patch a hole that is is ΒΌ inch wide. How do you know if the job gets done right? The HVAC contractor will check and test to make sure that no air leaks out of the air ducts afterwards. They additionally give you a print out report that it all computerized. It guarantees the job is done perfectly. Even after it is all done, they do a warranty the ductwork sealing for 5-7 years. It all depends on the company and how they do ductwork sealing. The process is minimally invasive to the home. Nothing is damaged in the process and no dirt is tracked around the house by the HVAC professional checking the HVAC ducts.

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