Enjoying the a/c on holiday

My hubby and I recently moved up north. It has been quite a change for us because the people I was with and I are used to residing down south. It is so much cooler up here. The summertime here is love the wintertime down south. That may be a tad bit of an exaggeration, however it is so much cooler here, and for the first few months, I was always cold, however it did not take honestly long for my body to get used to it. I legitimately appreciate the weather now. We have not endured a Winter yet though, so I may change my mind once Winter hits us. My hubby had a more than one month holiday from work, so the people I was with and I took a trip out west for more than one weeks. It was such a blast. I was quite disappointed when I came loft to a legitimately cool home though. We have numerous air conditioners in our house. They are all window units, however they keep the home cool enough for our comfort. I legitimately wanted to turn the air conditioners off before the people I was with and I left for holiday, even though I totally forgot about it until the people I was with and I go home. We could have saved quite a bit of money on our electric bill if I would have remembered to turn the air conditioners off. I was sincerely super disappointed in myself. My hubby did not mind at all. She was so cheerful to walk into a nice air conditioned home after a long drive home! Even though the people I was with and I did not save money, I am glad that at least someone enjoyed it. My hubby genuinely thanked myself and others for leaving them on, so I did not even mention to him that I planned to turn them off to save some money.

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