Flower Professionals Can’t Work in Hot Conditions

I have been arranging flowers since I was a tiny child.

My mom tells me that when I was very little I would add some grass & leaves & arrange everything so that it looked nice with some flowers that I would find.

Then I would put them in an old jar or vase & present them to her! I have come a long way from back then, but also kind of the same, because now for work I find my arranging the flowers for anniversaries, funerals, & other events. I love being able to see various venues. But even more I care about being comfortable, and hot summer time events are the worst without regular air conditioning. It is really hard to do a decent job well if I am dying of heat. Then there are the flowers to think about because without good air conditioning the flowers will wilt & look exhausted real fastl. I really dislike it when a customer leaves me negative reviews because the flowers were not looking good. As if it is our fault that the customer refused to pay extra for air conditioning, hence all of their flowers die before the event is over! As ifI don’t care about wilted flowers either… I do! It has gotten to the point where I am going to start making sure that there “must be air conditioning” in all of our contracts. There is no good reason that our art should suffer just because our buyers are going to be cheap and not pay the extra for decent air conditioning in their arena. There is also no way I want to suffer without air conditioning anymore too.


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