Getting rid of the old to make room for the new

When my husband and I bought this small cabin, we had a tiny air conditioner in the bedroom.

For a lot of years, that tiny air conditioner was the only source of cool air.

Even though the cabin is located in the mountains, there are still a couple of summer days that can be downright awful. The cabin is close to a lake, and I think that makes the humidity a little worse. During the first 10 years in the cabin, we used the air conditioner a few times each summer. The air conditioner may have lasted another 10 years if my husband and I didn’t decide to replace it with central heating and air conditioning. We went back and forth on the idea for several weeks. I didn’t want to spend the money, but my husband insisted. We shopped around to view our options, and we even talked to the local heating, ventilation, and AC company. They suggested that we purchase a ductless air conditioner. The ductless air conditioner is a little different than a window unit. Since my wife and I didn’t want another window unit, we were hesitant to discuss the ductless options. Fortunately, the HVAC supplier gave us a lot of information on the ductless unit. We were both intrigued by the versatility. We could place the ductless air conditioner anywhere in our cabin. With only two small windows in the whole cabin, that was one of our biggest reasons for getting rid of the window unit. We missed being able to look out the glass and see the lawn and the birds.
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