Giving Thanks For Good HVAC on the Coldest of Nights

My wonderful wife just might be the coldest person I have ever met.

  • Huge heart and great person.

But the woman just can’t take the cold at all. Her body’s thermostat is set in a very small range. The HVAC setting in the house is always being changed because of her super sensitivity to cold. She’s always cold. That is, until she is too hot. But, if you wait a few minutes, she will be cold all over again. There is absolutely no rational way to explain it. She is the coldest when she is in the house. When she’s outside, she somehow expects it or something because then she’s fine. She will have on all her layers and her coat. Any outside adventure comes with much thought and preparation as far as layered clothing goes. Then, it is a whole scene as she sheds and then reapplies all those layers. However, as soon as she gets home, she is right back to trying to find the right balance on the HVAC. She’ll get it right in one part of the house but then, it’s not right in some other part of the house. I finally called the HVAC people to see if they could come to the house in order to provide some sort of HVAC solution. It didn’t take very long before the HVAC guy suggested that we modify our existing HVAC system to a zone controlled system. This way my wife could adjust each zone of the house to what best suits her. I can’t tell you how much the zone control HVAC has helped. It makes my heart sing to see my beautiful wife actually comfortable in our home.


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