Having a hard time with air quality until I realized the source of the problem

Living in my own house has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s been wonderful since I have total freedom of movement and sound. I can throw a party any day or night of the week without upsetting my neighbors, and I can do whatever I want to the interior of the house – within reason. However, the curse begins with upkeep of the appliances in my home. My refrigerator is vintage, which is great for style but bad for repairs. Finding parts that will be compatible with a fridge built in the early 1960’s makes life a bit more challenging! The same can be said for my air conditioning system in my house. Since much of this house is the original framework from almost a century ago, the air conditioning system has not been upgraded by much. Other than oscillating fans that I myself put in each room, the A/C system in my home is little more than a series of fans in each room, and a heat pump in the basement. The air quality around this place has also been pretty poor, but that started in the spring. When I decided to reach out to one of those heating and air conditioning repair companies to ask for help, they sent a technician over and they checked to see what the problem might be. After about half an hour, they found that the lack of ventilation in my home made it much harder to get the pollen, dust and dander circulated out! The technician recommended exhaust fans in a few key areas of the house. Once those were installed, the air quality finally improved!

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