He had a solution for the back porch converted to family room

When my spouse as well as I bought our home, both of us were a family of four.

All of us weren’t planning on having anymore children.

I ended up pregnant with twins multiple years later. Once both of us became a family of six, the house became rather crowded. The kids were forced to share family rooms, as well as they weren’t ecstatic about it. When my oldest son turned eleven, he started begging for his own room. Our only option was to convert the back porch into additional residing space. All of us replaced the screens with insulated walls as well as windows, as well as ran electric for overhead lighting as well as power outlets. The project was not all that high-priced or labor-intensive. Our greatest dilemma was figuring out how to handle temperature control. In the part where both of us live, both of us get harsh year round weather. All of us needed to provide both heating as well as cooling to the new family room. Our house is outfitted with a forced air gas oil furnace as well as central cooling system that relies on air duct. The duct system doesn’t include the original back porch. All of us considered extending the duct system, but this turned out to be way too high-priced. Plus, the ducts would have required quite a bit of expensive space. All of us also distraught that the oil furnace as well as cooling system would be unable to effectively handle the extra square footage. All of us eventually consulted with a local Heating and A/C business, who recommended a ductless mini split. This type of Heating and A/C system is permanently installed but extremely compact. It combines an outdoor compressor with an indoor air handler, as well as requires little more than a hole in an exterior wall as well as access to electricity. The whole system was installed in a few hours, with no giant mess. The mini chop heat pump provides both heating as well as cooling capacity as well as is wonderfully energy efficient. My son can tailor comfort to his personal preference as well as make adjustments to temperature through his PC.


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