HOA Flips Out Over Seeing Our HVAC Condenser Cabinet

There it was as soon as I pulled into the driveway.

Yet another note was taped to our front door from the HOA.

They can’t even put a stamp on a letter and send it through the mail like any other sane organization. I just can’t get over the childish behavior some authority hungry idiot men feel the need to display. I am on the HOA’s bad list because of my HVAC unit. My kid cut the shrubs too short and now you can see the HVAC cabinet on the outside of my house. That is, if you look really hard. The hedge will grow back and I told my son not to worry about it. However, the HOA is just coming unglued. This will be the fourth note they have left at my home threatening me with legal action and fines. The HOA actually wants me to put up a fence so the HVAC cabinet can not be seen from the street. I can do nothing but shake my head at this insane reaction. Certainly, there need to be rules to protect property owners living together in a neighborhood. No one wants their property devalued because a rude neighbor has six cars on blocks in his front yard. I get it. But, this is just nuts. After the first letter, I responded with an email explaining that the hedge would grow back to where it needed to be in six months. Until then, I would not be putting up some stupid fence. With this being the fourth note, I guess it’s time for me to get my vicious lawyer involved. She’s my wife and those HOA punks are gonna wish they never messed with us.


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