HVAC Comfort Increases Productivity

My work output has been noticeably faltering as of late.

It seems as though I start out like gangbusters only to fade fairly quickly.

Next, my focus just completely erodes and I am up out of my chair only to engage in some other trivial task. Productivity lessens and I get that much more behind. I am seeing this cycle happen more and more often recently. Although this sounds like an excuse, I think is has to do with the HVAC cooling in my office. My office just becomes so uncomfortably warm that I have such a hard time focusing on my work. This particularly the case when the heat is banging through the afternoon. My office is in my home. There are so many distractions that can pull me out of my office. I simply can’t allow the HVAC to be yet another reason. I only get paid when I produce. Unfortunately, unlike punching a clock, my work is all up to me as to how much I make. So, the more I get up from my desk, the less billable hours produced. My work demands focus and creativity so, I decided to address the HVAC issue. Our home is right smack in the middle of a part of the country that is renowned for the heat during summer. In order to conserve kilowatt hours, we raise the HVAC thermostat setting proportional to the temp outside. Most everyone is out of the house during the peak heating hours besides me. So, I called the local HVAC for help. They were able to customize our existing HVAC system to a zoned system. So now, I have independent control inside my office.

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