HVAC Upgrades Really Helped Smooth a Very Difficult Transition

Great changes often bring a fair amount of chaos with them. Chaos normally puts me into a state of acute terror and that is a mindset that I just don’t love to be. Structure and routine are what I have consistently had to navigate my normal everyday life. There is simply an essential form of comfort I find in by having a great method for what is coming and how I will manage it. This is something that l gained as a teenager and it has only deepened as I aged. I’m still up for having a good time but, the spontaneity has definitely been limited by all the routine. My adult years became about work and raising a family. There just wasn’t much time for much else. After some recent happenings, I may regret the blind loyalty I gave to my task. On a Thursday, not very long ago, I was released from my position with a corporation I had worked with for over 30 years. Just love that it was over. No more perfectly HVAC controlled office. No more paychecks every more than one weeks. This threw my life into all sorts of turmoil because I suddenly was without my normal structure and routine. So, I took the severance and got some therapeutic help for moving forward. I still had a passion for my work and a family to provide for. It took a little while but, I found a way forward by going out on my own as a sort of consultant and freelance brand adviser. With all the up-to-date routines, I still wanted that perfectly controlled HVAC in the office. I called the the local HVAC professionals in town. They came out and installed a ductless HVAC machine in my entryway. I can now have the temperature exactly the way I wanted it in my office without throwing off the rest of the house.

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