I can thank my grandpa for being so talented with HVAC maintenance!

It’s never easy when you lose a loved one in your life, especially when it’s a grandparent. My grandfather was always so insistent about taking care of his family, and he made sure everybody always had everything they needed! He was a good husband, a good father, and a good neighbor to everyone around him. He was also a skilled HVAC technician! He knew just about everything when it came to working on heating and cooling systems, and also taught me a lot about doing this type of work. I never really thought I was good at it in the beginning, but he always told me that practice makes perfect! It wasn’t just working on HVAC systems that made time so sweet with him: we had a great relationship together! He would always take me to go camping and fishing, and it was always such a great time whenever I was with him. After all the beautiful memories we shared, it was really difficult for me when he passed away – you never really get over that kind of stuff. It’s crazy though, it wasn’t until this time when I realized I should think about going towards my HVAC certification! I already knew a lot already thanks to my grandfather, so I thought he would be proud if I went that route and became an HVAC technician like him. When I finally signed up for the classes, I felt a lot of pride! When I got my HVAC certification, I knew that my grandfather was smiling down on me from heaven.


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