I can’t believe the hospital didn’t have any air conditioning

While on a trip that was recent our mom fell and completely injured her hip. Even though she was away from our residence she was fortunate to have health coverage. She was taken to the local hospital to be checked out and found that they needed to perform surgery to repair the disfigurement to her hip. We were incredibly worried about her however had no way to travel to where she was so the group of us had to trust that the health professionals would do a nice job for her. We waited anxiously to hear from her after she was finished with the surgery. When she finally called she said that the surgery was successful and that she would only need to stay at the hospital overnight. We were thinking that was a bit short because it wasn’t like she could simply travel the 6 hours to get back to our residence. She said that she had arranged for a hotel room and that she absolutely just wanted to get out of the hospital because the temperature control settings were messed up. We asked her about her treatment while there and she said that the nurses were great and so was the staff however the building itself was certainly uncomfortable because of the horrible temperature control settings. She said that the entire hospital was boiling and muggy and she wished there was air conditioning in the place. She was vacationing in the South where temperatures were a bit warmer anyway but she said that she didn’t understand why the hospital was so overheated all the time. Most medical facilities are kept cooler to prevent germs from spreading but this facility was not like that. When she asked about it the staff informed her that the local population was accustomed to warmer temperatures and they didn’t like being too frigid.

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