I didn’t want to Become an HVAC Despot

I am so proud to keep a home where each member of the family feels free to be exactly who they were born to be.

It’s a fact that most of us have to hide a bit of our truest personality in order to conform.

I loathe that fact but, there is some reality to it. I would appreciate to slide in to work wearing my flip flops and 80’s concert t-shirts but, I’m forced to conform. Well, I wanted to raise all of my children in a house that is not only perfectly HVAC controlled, orderly and safe but also tolerant. My children have all actually embraced this environment and both of us have a lot of fun. However, I still find that I need to bring the dad voice every now and again. It goes with the task. When you have children, there are times when you have to be the heavy. Recently, this has meant getting a bit more strict on the value of a dollar. Neither of my children have held a real task yet and that is just fine. They should be youngsters a bit longer. However, they will need to show a bit more respect for the things they have. The HVAC use and abuse it a prime example. One of my youngsters will stroll in from outside and leave a slider open when it’s a hundred degrees outside. The HVAC treated air is just blasting right out the door. They look at me funny when I get on to them about it. So, I am going to have to be a bit more dire it appears.

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