I felt foolish when I realized I hadn’t changed the air filter

When I invited some friends to my place to hang out and play some video games, we all had a pretty good time.

Everybody brought over their gaming PCs and we were getting crazy in this game called Fortnite.

It’s funny how the time flies when you are playing this game with your buddies, there’s just so much action in the game. Well, after a little while I realized that the air quality seemed rather off. Also, it started to become overheated in my household. I waited for somebody else to say something because I wasn’t sure if it was just me. Then when one of my buddies said we needed a break, he mentioned that the air quality was poor and there was something up with the temperature control settings. I checked the thermostat and it seemed to be fine. It was set at 71 degrees, and the HVAC didn’t seem to be struggling. Then I checked the air filter and remembered that it had been a long while since I changed it last. Seriously, it was probably about 5 months since I changed it. I felt especially foolish because I had the box of new air filters right next to the HVAC unit! My buddies said we all make that mistake from time to time; forgetting to change the air filters. When I changed the air filter, the air quality improved substantially and the temperature control settings felt right. One buddy mentioned that I should invest in either a HEPA air purifier or a nice air purification system for improved air quality.


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