I Had To Clean My Parent’s Aquarium and Manage Their HVAC Settings:

Last week, I was cleaning my parent’s aquarium tank.

They have 175 gallons of water in their kitchen and I needed to keep it clean for them while they were on vacation.

They have a self-contained ecoplan that doesn’t require food or added salt. There are soft plus hard corals, small fish that find food off the corals, a hundred crabs plus snails, along with a great amount of sea urchins plus other bottom dwellers to keep their tank clean. My parents still need to wash the air filters plus water filters, and keep the tank skimmers clean. There is a ton of humidity that comes off their tank, even if there are lids to keep it somewhat contained. There are times when they need to add water to their tank because of the amount of evaporation happening. If they didn’t have a great dehumidifier in their house, it would feel like tropical rainforest. My parents have a wonderful air conditioning system that the two of them had installed just because of their aquarium. They like sitting by the tank at night, because they have several creatures that glow in the dark. It’s typically alive and it gives them a lot of comfort. I don’t believe it would give them as much comfort if the two of them didn’t have the best Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. My parents also needed to install an energy efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system. With their dehumidifier running most of the year, and the heating or air conditioning equipment running the rest of the time, it can get quite lavish when it comes to their utility bills.


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