I Installed Ductless Mini System Into My Wife’s Office:

When my wife started experiencing health problems, she could no longer go to her office every single day.

She could no longer drive when her vision began to decline, so she was forced to find a way to work from our house.

Through this whole process, I’ve found that there are several things you can do to accommodate yourself at home. However, driving to work when you can’t see well is not something you can accommodate for. My wife’s boss gave her a hard time at first, and we were afraid she would lose her job. After explaining her health situation plus telling him that she could do better work from home, he gave her a two week trial. There’s a small office at our house, so the first thing we did was make it more comfortable for my wife. One of the first things I did was purchase a larger monitor screen for my wife’s computer. Her monitor now is nearly as large as the television set in our main living area. With all of the added heat in the room, we also had to have a good Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan installed. It would get too hot in there within minutes. We used to close off the room in the Winter due to the freezing temperatures. My wife needed a temperature regulated office. She wanted to keep the door closed while she was working, so we installed ductless mini split system into her new office. The mini split Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C plan runs with little to no noise plus it is legitimately efficient. The heat and air it supplies is amazing. My wife has now been doing her work from home for over a year, plus she’s enjoying it!


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