I love this little old furnace

My co-workers and I went out for supper together the other week.

  • We went to a small pizzeria around the corner where they regularly serve the best dishes.

I savor to get lunch for supper. Sometimes I ordered my own pizza or a massive salad. This pizzeria really knows how to make a delicious lunch and they generally serve it all day long. It’s one of the reasons why the lot of us like to go there for supper. I hardly ever have time to eat before work. We out went to the pizzeria for supper, and they were absolutely busy that afternoon. We had to wait for our table. While the lot of us waited, I decided to go into a small store next to the pizzeria. This is a specialty shop that sells weird old antiques and knick-knacks. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, to be clear. However, I found a really nice oil lamp that reminded myself and others of the exact one in our old study room. My parents used the oil lamp at night. The store also had a absolutely old heating system that looked precisely like the one in our Grandparents’ house. I was surprised to see an ancient heating system in this antique store. I looked at the price tag out of curiosity and it was almost $300. I asked the clerk why the heating system was priced so high, and he gave myself and others a fantastic reply. The shop owner told myself and others that this particular heating system was one of the very first prototypes ever created for the electric part heater. It was a cool story and a neat piece, but obviously I wasn’t going to spend $400 to take it home.