I Needed Proper HVAC For My Home Office:

When I began having health concerns, I had to give up working full force.

I was unable to drive when our eyesight began to fail, and I was forced to start working from home.

There are a ton of things you can do to accommodate yourself when you start working from home. Driving when your vision is impared, is not accommodating. My boss was very reluctant in the beginning, to allow me to complete my work from home, and I thought I’d lose my job. After explaining my health situation plus telling him I have the same tablet set-up in my house, he gave me a trial week. My house only has a small office, so the first thing I needed to do was to set the office for a comfortable work environment. One of the first things that I did was get a larger monitor for my computer. My monitor now is nearly as large as the TV set in my living room! With all of the added heat inside the room, I had to have a good HVAC system installed. It was sizzling in the room in the beginning and I found myself covered in sweat within minutes. However, I used to abandon the office room in the winter, because it was too cold. I couldn’t play this hot and cold game any longer. I wanted to keep the office door closed to keep out the sounds from the rest of my house. I installed ductless mini split system into the office. The mini split HVAC system runs smoothly, plus it is entirely efficient. The heat plus air it supplies, is perfect. I have now been working from home for many weeks, plus enjoying every day of it.

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