I realize I need to be more Choosy on the Flower Jobs I take

I have been interested in flowers since I was a child.

  • It began with the flowers in my childhood yard that I would choose for my mom.

They might have even been weeds, but I would add some things like leaves and sticks and arrange everything so that it looked nice. Then I would put them in a thing like and present it all to my mom. I have come some way from those days to now arranging the flowers for weddings, funerals, as well as for other events. I appreciate being able to go to a variety of sites. I enjoy it even better if I am comfortable. As you can guess, hot summer weddings are the worst without decent a/c. It is strenuous to work well if I am boiling to death. Then there are the flowers to consider. Without good a/c the flowers will wilt as well as look dead or dying in no time at all. I just hate it when a customer leaves bad reviews saying the flowers were limp as well or lifeless, as if it is my fault that the customer refused to spend the money needed for a/c so all of their flowers die before the event is over! I don’t enjoy dead or dying flowers either. It has recently gotten to the point where I am going to start insisting that there is an A/C is a must clause in all of my contracts. Because there is no reason that my art should suffer just because a client doesn’t want to spend the minimum necessary for a/c for their event. Also no reason why I should suffer because of that no way.

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