I successfully fix my furnace without prior knowledge

My wife grew up in a home where here dad literally knew how to fix everything. If something broke in the house, he would take the time to research and repair things. My wife is constantly frustrated because I don’t feel the same way. When my furnace breaks down or stops working, I don’t try to figure out what is wrong with it. My first instinct is to call an HVAC company and have them send out an HVAC technician to fix my furnace. Her dad may know a lot about fixing furnaces, but he doesn’t live close to use, and I don’t know anything about fixing a furnace or an air conditioner. Sure, it is more expensive to pay somebody to fix your air conditioner for you, but I would rather work at something that I am good at to have my furnace or air conditioner fixed by somebody else who also knows how to fix things on their own. However, my wife has been complaining that I don’t want to learn how to fix a furnace, so I guess that this is my new project. I have to learn how to fix my own furnace. I had to buy a ton of tools for the first project, and I spent hours researching my furnace and the different things that could go wrong with it. Finally, after a few days of toying with the furnace, I was able to fix it. Sure, it would have only taken a few hours for an HVAC technician to fix it. Sure, I would have saved the money that I spent on tools to fix the furnace. But my wife was happy, and that makes me happy.

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