If my wife calls, I have to leave

Work is always busy in the summer, because people abuse their AC units.

  • Most homeowners don’t perform monthly maintenance on the AC unit, and there are a surprising number of folks who don’t regularly change their air filter.

The simplest HVAC tasks can really help prevent a lot of problems from occurring. These simple problems can sometimes become a $200 or $300 repair bill from the HVAC company. During the summer, air conditioners take a lot of abuse. They are only made to cool the air so much. If the outdoor temperatures are 105 degrees, there is no way the air conditioner can cool your home down to 68. Unfortunately, a lot of people still try to set the thermostat very low. When the unit freezes up, a lot of other problems can occur. We have been very busy this month, and most of my repair calls are for AC problems. To make matters worse, my wife is 8 months pregnant and our child is due any day. I already told my boss that I’m going to leave if she calls. We have a different technician on standby, just in case I’m in the middle of a repair or HVAC installation job. This is our first child, and I don’t want to miss the birth. I bought a new video camera, and we already picked out a name. I don’t know if I’m more excited than my wife, but we are anxious to meet our son. I can’t wait to see his face and his eyes and count his fingers and toes.


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