In the brutal winters

My friend Anne lives up north where they are experiencing a brutally harsh winter right now.

She is used to extremely cold winters, and always seems to be prepared for even the worst of the weather.

She had heated flooring installed all throughout her house before she even moved into it. Anne and her family say they wouldn’t want to live without heated flooring even if they moved to a warmer climate; they love stepping out of bed onto a floor that isn’t jarringly chilly. She said that heated flooring doesn’t just help keep her and her family’s feet warm, though: it helps keep the whole house warmer. She said that when the floors are warm, the heater doesn’t have to work quite as hard to keep the house toasty. Anne and her husband make sure to have their local HVAC contractor come out every year before winter to check the heater and keep it running smoothly through another cold season. In addition to the well-maintained heater and heated floors to keep her house warm and toasty in the winter, Anne also has a huge fireplace in her family room. She always makes sure to have an ample supply of firewood chopped and ready for the winter. The fireplace is coming in especially handy right now, because Anne’s whole town has been asked to keep their thermostats lowered to reduce power outages. Anne told me she has her thermostat set at 63 degrees, and has the heated flooring turned off right now to conserve energy, but her family is warm and cozy sitting around the roaring fire.

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