It’s Hard To Change My Air Filter

Something as simple as changing the air filter of your heating and cooling system should not be a major task. For me sadly, it is! The reason for this, is that the place where the air filter is located is the most odd of places. They have it in this house right over the washer and dryer! Every time I need to change the air filter for my central heating and air conditioning system, I have to literally climb up on the washer, stand on it, and then fiddle with the latch in the ceiling to change this air filter! There has been times that I went a long time without changing the air filter because of how much of a hassle it is! It wasn’t until my allergies started acting up that I would go through the motions and change the air filter. I know I could have possibly broken my central heating and air conditioning system because of this, but what other choice did I have? Other than have to jump through hoops and do a mini circus act just to be able to change the stupid air filter in my central heating and air conditioning system! Whoever built this house must have been on drugs, or just simply did not know what they were doing. Why would you put it to where the air filter of the central heating and air conditioning system was in the laundry room, right where the washer and dryer hook ups were! That was the worst idea anyone could have come up with! I am planning on moving soon anyhow.
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