Junk Room Gets a New Lease on Life with New HVAC Option

I believe that junk rooms has become fairly ubiquitous in our culture.

My family definitely had a single one when I was growing up.

My mother and father came from a culture where you never provided away or tossed out things of value or use. Dad saved every aluminum turkey tray that she had ever purchased. Why she didn’t use the same a single over and over again I don’t know. I might add how those turkey trays are still in her home today. I think I even remember that my dad kept old HVAC air filters love she was going to wipe them up and reuse them. Anyway, there was an old guest room that my parents filled with slightly broken gadgets or keepsakes that they would not allow themselves to throw away. As a kid and a young adult, the method of using the space in my condo for such a purpose made certainly no sense. Then, it happened inside our house. My wife and I met in university and have been together now nearly 22 years. Our life has been adventurous and fun. There have been multiple items that both of us have amassed over the years that ended up getting displaced for newer stuff. That’s when I began to notice how a single of the guest rooms in our home was filling up with well, junk. My wife said that she had been storing stuff in there because the HVAC wasn’t good in that part of the house. In a desperate bid to stop the advance of clutter, I called the HVAC people. They came out and were able to fully customize our existing HVAC method to where both of us had separate zones. Now, the junky section of the condo could be independently HVAC controlled. I hope this helps stop the slower May to hoarder status.
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