Just a Few Changes Will Bring HVAC Cost Savings

Nobody that I know is looking to shrink the amount of revenue flowing into the household budget.

I think the reverse would be true. However, it seems that the amount that is going into our household budget is just not going as far as it once did. My generation was taught that as long as you worked hard, were honest and forthright, your bank account would grow. Sticking with the job and not giving up would be the best way to grow your wealth. Well, that just isn’t working too well. We are having to make continued cuts in our household budget. The costs of operating HVAC was a natural target for cutting. We live in an area where the HVAC cooling is running for at least 6 months of the year. During the summer months, it’s running nearly constantly. The resulting utility bills are just absurd. However, we can’t just turn it off. So, we had to learn some ways to bring those HVAC costs down. First thing I did was to be sure to keep as much of the HVAC treated air in the house as possible. I made sure that I sealed every gap or crack I could find on the inside and outside of our home. Then, I had a company come out to clean and reseal the joints of our ductwork. I read a staggering stat that the average home loses nearly 30 percent of the HVAC treated air to gaps in the air duct system. I also replaced all the weather stripping around the doors. Finally, I started programming the thermostat to rise as the heat outside does. No more cooling an empty house.

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