Making temperature control adjustments to save money

Working as a doctor for roughly twenty years I have become accustomed to being entirely freezing.

I keep many jackets as well as such in my locker so that I can tolerate the temperature control settings inside my shift.

I was entirely shocked when I arrived at my task the other day as well as the building was a great deal warmer than usual. My first thought was that the Heating as well as A/C appliance was broken as well as I wondered how long it would take to repair it. I mentioned this to the security guard at the front desk as well as he indicated that it was not broken in the slightest. He said that they had acquired a memo earlier stating that the temperature control of the building would no longer be kept at the sixty degree setting. It stated that operating rooms as well as ICU would still be kept that cool but the rest of the hospital would be set to seventy four in order to save on the cost of utility bills. They said that they would no longer comply with previous settings because it costs the hospital far too much to keep the entire building an extreme low temperature. They went on to say that the savings in utility bills would allow them to make much needed improvements to the building as well as appliances as well as that they hoped most people would be on board with the new changes. I definitely was thrilled because it meant that I would no longer need to wear so many layers at work. I happen to be assigned to the geratric floor anyway as well as often my patients grumble about being too frosty to begin with… You won’t hear me grumbling any time soon for sure.


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