Making the Best of It With HVAC

It never ceases to amaze me that my father had so much at my age.

And, he did it on a salary of about $200 a week.

Granted, those were simpler times and a dollar went a lot further. But, I just can’t believe he was able to have a place to live, pay his bills and own a car on that amount of money. Thankfully, my dad appreciates how much more difficult it is in this day and age. I was over to his house helping him replace the HVAC air filter when he offered me his basement. Lately, I have been simply unable to make ends meet. My school loan is crushing me and my apartment is just to expensive. I even took a roommate to help defray the costs but that didn’t work out either. So, I took my dad’s generous offer. He lives alone and I while he likes it that way, I know he could use the help and company. The basement is actually pretty much finished. It won’t take much effort to make it liveable. Plus, it has its own separate entrance. However, the heating and cooling is not so good down there. We called out the HVAC guy to see if he could tweak the system in order to get more HVAC treated air down there. He explained that the way the HVAC system was designed, introducing that much more volume of air would not work. Instead, he suggested a great compromise. We chose to go with a mini split ductless heating and cooling unit. Now, I have a source of very economical HVAC that I can control in the basement.


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