Mild Winter and the Heat Pump, Match Made in Heaven

It comes as absolutely zero surprise that much of the South is blessed with warm temperature and maximum sunshine.

It’s really pretty awesome. That is, except for the 3 scorching months of the summer. Then comes just the best weather ever made on earth. Autumn in the South is so great. It’s warm, full of sunshine and skies so blue it will almost make a person cry. The best part about the autumn down here is it doesn’t lead to firing up the HVAC furnace to prepare for the onslaught of freezing temps. The fall, here in the South, leads blissfully to a cool winter where I can still keep wearing the short pants. The flip flop doesn’t need to be replaced with the snow boots. Plus, if it does get a bit chilly in the evening, all I have to do is flip a switch and my heat pump does the rest. See, the heat pump is king in these parts. This versatile, ingenious machine goes from cooling to heating with a simple move of a switch. The heat pump then reverses the flow of refrigerant to extract heat from ambient outside air rather that exhaust it. It still blows my mind. The heat pump does a stellar job of being able to efficiently cool my home when outside feels like the surface of the storm. Granted, the heat pump runs for nearly six months. But, then it gets a rest before being called upon to pull in heat from cool air! It is such an awesome piece of equipment, as well as, elemental to this part of the world.

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