Modern a/c is so wonderful

I have an obsession with getting modern things, and it is not good.

I can remember that even as a girl I had an obsession with modern things.

It meant so much to myself and others to get something new. I assume there is nothing wrong with liking modern things, however when it becomes a habit to have to buy modern things all of the time, it is no longer okay. I was in the habit of always getting modern things, so when I went to school, I started buying things for myself. I obtained things literally every single day. I did not have any self-control, and it was terrible. I got into more debt that first year of school than I ever have any other time in my life. Thankfully, I met a great woman who is now my hubby, and she helped myself and others get out of debt and start controlling my finances. I am so much better now, even though I still appreciate to get modern things. I obtained a modern air conditioner the other day, however it was something that the people I was with and I legitimately needed, so I was super cheerful with myself. The air conditioner that the people I was with and I used to have in our home office just suddenly stopped working 1 night. My hubby was convinced that she would service it, even though I knew that she would realistically never be able to find the time to service it. I waited about more than one weeks before I started looking for a modern air conditioner. I asked him 1 more time if she would be able to service the air conditioner, and that time she admitted that she truly would not have time to service it. I found the 1 that I have now for a legitimately cheap price, and I appreciate it!


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