Most outdated heating I have ever seen

My friend wanted me to go house hunting with her so that she could have a second opinion on the ones she was touring. She is single and is in a position to purchase her first home but felt she needed backup so that she didn’t make an impulsive decision. It is easy to fall in love with a house that is beautiful or has some old time charm, but, you need to know what type of “bones” it has too. By this I mean that you need to know if it is structurally sound, has good plumbing and most importantly, it has a quality HVAC system. These features are more important than how cute the living room is or how the flow of the house works for entertaining. If you need to do major repairs or replace the most costly appliance in your home right off the bat then you may regret your purchase quickly. The other reason she wanted to take me along is because I work as a general contractor so I have the ability to check those things out while she is looking at the surface stuff of the house. I think it made the realtor uncomfortable each time I disappeared into the basement or the attic of a place while he was trying to get her to envision living in the house. The third house that we looked at was great on many levels. Location, price, and aesthetics were awesome. I could tell that she really fell in love with it right when we walked in. The red flag for me was the fact that the furnace in the basement was over forty years old. I didn’t even know how it still worked. The owners had listed the house and admitted that the HVAC was dated but that was an understatement. I advised my friend to put in a bid but subtract the cost of updating the HVAC when doing so.


a/c workman