My buddy lost everything to the wildfires including his fancy HVAC system

I have a good friend who lives in another country.

  • When I learned what was happening in that country though, I was entirely shocked.

They have all these wildfires burning up everything, it’s absolutely crazy. A lot of homes are getting burned up and a lot of the wildlife is suffering. He has told me that he wants to get out of the country and come back home, but he is unable to afford the move. He actually is staying in a temporary shelter because his home was burned down from the wildfire. Fortunately, he was able to escape the fire, but now he’s stuck in a shelter. He said he lost everything and he invested so much into his home. When he told me how he had radiant heated floors with a nice high efficiency cooling system, I felt incredibly bad for him. I realize how much something like radiant heated floors cost. He even had a smart thermostat, but that also burned up with his home. When you are in a rush to evacuate an area that is about to burn down, probably the last thing you think about is grabbing the smart thermostat so that it won’t be burned. He probably was hoping that his home didn’t end up being engulfed in flames, but that’s exactly what happened. I wish I could purchase my buddy a plane ticket to come back home, but I can’t afford something like that at the moment. If he can make it out though, he’s definitely welcome to stay at my home until he can get back on his feet.

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