My cousin’s modular home has a surprisingly efficient air conditioning system

I just had the opportunity to help my cousin move his belongings into his brand new modular home.

This is not like a traditional mobile home that often comes as one single structure in a number of different available designs.

My cousin’s house starts as a basic structure that can be modified with additional bedrooms or bathrooms that connect to the main structure. You can even add a second story or a second garage. There is so much that can be customized or ordered to specific preferences. I would never guess that my cousin’s house was modular if he hadn’t told me. Clearly there are no visible demarcations between the various sections of the home to suggest anything was cobbled together haphazardly. The heating and cooling system is seamless and effective as well. The type of air conditioner, including the available manufacturers, changes depending on the size and shape of your chosen home design. Because my cousin’s four bedroom modular home resembles a comparable house of the same size in nearly every way, the same kind of air conditioner and furnace are available for the modular home as well. This meant that he had the choice of one of the best air conditioner manufacturers on the market. He also bought one of their elite systems with the highest energy ratings, extremely quiet operating noise, and strong air flow. Honestly, his HVAC system in that modular home is much stronger and cheaper to run than the forced air split system that i have in my house. If given the opportunity, I could see myself buying one these homes in the future if I get restless living in my current house.



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