My HVAC Unit has become A Concern for the HOA Board

Our life has been pretty golden and I work genuinely taxing to keep it that way.

The time I have to spend at the office is worth it to me to be able to provide such a nice life for my family. So, every weekend is mine and my family’s to do as both of us please. Don’t drop by unannounced or try to spend any extra minutes on the iphone with me. It just won’t happen because the weekend is my 1 refuge and my time to recharge for another challenging week ahead. If I want to return home on Thursday night and kneel my butt on the couch with the HVAC cranking, then that’s just what I’m gonna do. That said, it should be no surprise that I don’t take to kindly when someone knocks on my door while I’m sipping my root budweiser on a Thursday day. As I walked through the foyer, I could believe the face and I was stunned by the gall of the lady It was the local HOA board compliance officer. And, I knew why she was there. By the time I placed my hand on the door knob, I was quite heated. This all started about a week ago when I gained a personal letter from our HOA demanding that I upgrade the HVAC cabinet outside my home. What was the stated offense? The color of the HVAC cabinet had bleached out from the sun. I ignored all their letters. But, I was sure ready to unload on the HOA jerk at my door on a Thursday. This woman never got more than a few syllables out of her mouth. I just kept hammering at him. Finally, I told him to get off my property or I would drag him off of it. I haven’t gained any more of those annoying letters from the HOA.

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