My mom and dad’s hybrid HVAC system

I asked them if they used oil, gas or propane.

Every year I go out of state to go home and visit my parents. After I moved away from where I grew up due to a job relocation, I feel it is only right because I have always been close with them all of my life. Every single time I go back there, I always seem to notice some kind of renovation they’ve done to their home. This past year when I went back, they had a really awesome new heating and air conditioning system. But, this wasn’t a regular kind of central heating and air conditioning system. My parents actually went in for one of those hybrid HVAC systems! I had heard about hybrid HVAC systems from a friend of mine in the heating and air conditioning industry, but never completely knew what they were like. I am happy with my own basic residential heating and air conditioning system, so never thought to even replace it with anything else. I have to tell you, I was very impressed by how my parents’ hybrid HVAC system worked in the house. I asked them if they used oil, gas or propane. I was very happy to hear that they went with the propane option. From what I know, propane is the best rout to go with one of these hybrid HVAC systems. I was so impressed by this, that we actually spent the entire first night at dinner talking about their new hybrid HVAC system. The rest of the week spent with them it didn’t come up again, but I sure was enjoying the result of that hybrid HVAC system!

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