My Mom’s New Home Office Needed Proper HVAC Ventilation:

When my mom started having health problems, she could no longer do her job officially. She was unable to drive when her eyesight was impaired, so she had to find a way to do her job from home. There are numerous things you can do to accommodate health issues and make it easy when you’re at home. Driving when you can’t see properly, is not something you can accommodate well. My mom’s boss was a bit reluctant to let her work from home at first, and she thought she was going to lose her job. After explaining her situation and telling her boss that she has the same computer set-up at home, her boss let her work from home on a one week trial. She only has a small office at home, so the first thing she had to do was to set up her office comfortably. One of the first things my dad did was install a large monitor for her computer. Her monitor is nearly as large as the TV in their bedroom now! With all of the added heat in the small room, she had to have a fantastic HVAC set up to accommodate. It was hot inside that room, and my parents used to abandon it in the wintertime because it was too cold. My mom couldn’t do that any longer. She wanted to keep the door closed to prevent sounds from the house coming in. My dad installed a ductless mini program in my mom’s new office. The mini HVAC program runs quietly and is legitimately efficient. The air and heat it supplies is perfect. My mom has now been working from her home office for more than a month and is enjoying every morning of it.


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