My Mother’s House is Like Sitting in an HVAC Sauna

The place where I got to grow up is very special. I think I was actually aware of that as I was growing up. The thing that made our region so great was the fact that we actually had 4 seasons. Unlike where I live now, as a kid the seasons were very distinct and evenly spaced. The winters got cold enough that using an HVAC furnace was advisable over a heat pump. In fact, I’m not even sure that we had much air conditioning at all. The summers were hot but certainly not oppressive by any means. Where I live now, summer couldn’t be survived without HVAC cooling. While the winter is so mild that I think I flip the heat on my a half dozen times a year. This is why I get kind of freaked out when Christmas rolls around and I have to make the trek to my mom’s house. I have grown to truly hate the cold. I go through my life in short sleeves not overcoats. We packed all the cold weather gear we had and headed out as we do each year. This is a trip that I dread on a number of levels. It’s cold yes but, inside my mom’s house the thermostat is set around the mid 80’s it feels like. And, it’s such a stifling type of heat that just won’t let you out of its grip. However, I can’t go outside to cool off because it’s freezing outside. Couple all this with my mother’s innate ability to get all dramatic and emotional and it makes for a very long trip.


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