My Roommate Breaks Everything

Roommates…I hate having to have one! I am in college, and the only reason I even have a roommate is because I can not afford the rent of this house on my own.

I have a roommate that goes to the same school I do, which makes things a bit easier for the both of us. He is a great person, but he always seems to have this bad luck wave where he is always breaking everything! It is almost like anything he comes into contact with just breaks. The other day, he ended up breaking the really nice digital thermostat we have. It’s a good thing that we do not really need the central heating and air conditioning system this time of the year, because with the digital thermostat broken, we have no heating or cooling. Since we did not want to get in trouble with the owner of the house, we had to keep the broken digital thermostat a secret, then, we needed to shop around for a brand new digital thermostat that was the exact same model and type of digital thermostat, so that the owner would not notice the difference. Installing the thermostat when we got it was not as hard as we thought. We were able to look up instructions online about installing thermostats. Most of the videos that showed you how were all about digital thermostats and smart thermostats, so we were lucky there. In the future, my roommate said that he is going to be extra careful with things around the house, so that he breaks nothing else. We will see if that actually happens or not!



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