Negotiating has never been our strong suit. I readily admit this. So when it comes time to start searching for a good replacement our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, I think I’ll need help. At least if someone with the skills can be with me to help prevent me from making any huge mistakes that would impact the end cost that would be hugely helpful. Luckily, our guy is entirely the best haggler and negotiator I know. I think he will no doubt want to be involved so that all of us aren’t spending even a little more money than all of us need to on a new Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system, and every one of us are finally looking to turn out two-family condo into a single-family. As it is, there are two furnaces in our basement. One for each apartment. That’s all well plus good. It has worked to our advantage thus far up to this point. In the future, all of us would love to add central air conditioning into our home, plus while we’re at it, all of us might as well combine the two separate heating systems that are currently down there, to 1 unit which can feed the whole house. If all of us are able to use 1 of the current furnaces for that purpose, after that all of us would need is an a/c idea hooked up, plus the switch made so that only 1 heating idea that does the whole house. However, the two furnaces came with the condo when all of us initially purchased it, so all of us have no method if all of us would be able to save money in that way or not. Not until then, when all of us get an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C professional out to look at it. Then If all of us have to buy a new heating idea that is larger, in order to heat the entire condo on 1 simple system, all of us would also buy an air conditioning idea at that time.


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