New HVAC, New life

It has absolutely been a unique year for me.

Both of my parents died less than 6 weeks away from each other. They each had stellar lives as well as were beloved by so many humans. In a sense, it was a bit of a blessing that they died that immediately, so close together. I don’t know either of them could have spent much time in their lives separate from the other. However, it was a hard thing to go through anyways. Emotionally, it was hard to get through their deaths. I even had the superb luck of being the executor of both of their estates, and that kept me plenty busy so at least I was able to get my head out of grieving. Being their only child, I actually was left the old home. It is big but, it had a lot of work that had to be done to it before it could be used. The Heating as well as A/C had to be upgraded as well as the roof was a dangerous mess. My parents had spent their final years in a retirement community away from the house. They did not want to sell the home location as the property had already been in the family for generations. My family as well as I live in a nice, new, perfectly Heating as well as A/C controlled home out of state. Even with current state of the art heating as well as cooling, there wasn’t a single possibility that the people I was with and I would be moving into that old house. However, Ithe two of us put ductless Heating as well as A/C in 5 distant parts of the home. Ultimately, once the renovation is finally complete, it contain numerous separate living spaces for any family who need a location to live.



Zone controlled HVAC